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What most people in America knows is how popular auto racing is, what you don't often see, are teams and companies utilizing the massive draw racing simulation offers as a way to better market their brand...not even in the race industry.

At RSR, we know first hand the effects simulation can have as a draw at public events. We have had exhibits at races and trades shows over the last several years and have worked with professionals on training simulators to better their skill sets. As the only Simulation technology based team, we have a program as unique as about anything on the road today. The best part is you can take part in the future right with us.

What the Simulation Technology Tour is now proud to offer is display space now available to other companies interested in the massive motorsports market at a very competitive cost. some of the things we have to offer are:

  • Transporter traveling to events across the country with your logo proudly displayed.
  • Display space inside or outside of transporter at each event, for signage, product display and brochure/catalog distribution.
  • Product representation by our professionals or we can set up your display and you can bring in your own reps with out the full expense of product/display transportation or location cost.
  • Product sampling can also be provided.

Please contact us directly at 888-274-8679 or contact us for more details and cost of a custom tailored program for your needs.

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