Racing Simulation Technology Tour

Want to book the tour at your track, race, hospitality, business or private event?

On request we can provide you or your organization with the costs involved in the Simulation Technology Tour being a part of your event. We can help attract a massive draw to your sales, marketing or live events. Trade shows and conferences are an important occasion for every company. Here you have the chance to attract the attention of potential customers for your products or services. But everybody is trying to attract the visitors attention. How to 'catch' the publics attention and keep the people in your booth is the important issue in getting the most out of any show. Giving visitors the possibility to actively do something and have some fun or challenge proves to be the best way to attract crowds. Racing Simulators always attract lots of people.

Our event setups can be arranged to include Multiple Cockpits, Transporter, and Show Cars branded with you logos and colors to help attract on-lookers. The setup also includes professional personnel for a worry free event.

We work hand in hand with our technology partners to insure that we have the finest display of technology and at the same time can maintain a cost effective marketing solution for others to utilize our services

It is a proven fact that simulation can increase the draw at events and trade shows by 60% and in the end provide you more personal time with each person in attendance.

If you would like more information on booking the technology tour or how it can be branded to suit your us at 888-274-8679

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