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Simulation Racing

This tour is founded on the idea that simulation has a considerable number of factors that can benefit the real life racing world.

Simulation allows the opportunity to showcase, with high visibility, our real-world team and sponsor's brands as well as the technologies that make simulation possible.

The technology tour not only provides a great way to maximize branding potential, it provides a chance for the team to interact with attendees of race events. This is accomplished by offering them a glimpse at the consumer technologies that can transport them into a realm as close to real life racing as possible

The Sim Tech Tour personnel is made up of professionals with years of experience in auto racing, computer technology, simulation of racing, flight, military, etc, product representation, and transportation.


The Sim Tech Tour now incorporates two mid sized transporters with a new 53' transporter in production. With these professional rigs we bring today simulation technologies to events across the USA. They are outfitted with multiple InViron sim cockpits and Adrenaline computers linked together for the most up to date sim experience utilizing ARCA SIM RACING software with Simstats live software to track lap times. We are also transporting other computer technology, race products, and other products along with the simulators as a showcase for our supporters.

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Simulation Technology Tour
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